Monday, June 28, 2010

Roast Beef, Carrots and Cabbage

The HCG dieter:
1 serving of roast with 1 serving of cabbage is 185 calories

1 Roast all fat removed
1 lg bag baby carrots
1/2 head cabbage
1 whole onion
Seasonings as per your liking

I make my roast on the stove in a big soup pot.

Season roast with whatever seasonings you like. Rub it into the meat real good.

Add roast (trimmed of all visible fat) then carrots around the roast, to the pot and enough water to come up about an inch or maybe a little more. It'll make it's own juice by steaming.

Cut up 1/2 a cabbage into big chunks
(I am hoping this will make it easier to pull out my part later)

Cut up one onion into big chunks.

Place cabbage and onion on top of roast and carrots

I sprinkled the top with salt pepper and safe seasoning from DIYHCG. Bring to a boil, lower heat to allow a very slow simmer (on my stove I put the burner to 2). Cover pot and leave it alone.

I usually let my roast cook about 5 hours and the meat just falls apart.

For the HCG Dieter!

This is my 1st try at making this for the fam. If I can't take out my cabbage and get the right measurement I saved some more cabbage already cut up and ready to go. I'll just put 3.5 oz of cooked roast and 2 cups cabbage in a smaller pot iwht water or HCG Safe chicken broth to cook for about an hour or 2 before dinner, cuz I want my cabbage really tender. I also want the flavor of the meat to infuse with the cabbage. I did this the other day with left over roast and it was SO GOOD! I just added a few seasonings and Man! This is why I decided to do it for everyone!


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